Back to O2

O2 Telefonica iPhone

Back to O2

I’m back with O2 after a three year break, and after 17 months of frustration at countless missed calls with Three.

I never meant to leave Telefonica-owned O2. I was happy with the UK’s original iPhone network, but moved to Vodafone as I didn’t see why I should pay more for the iPhone 4. It was a big mistake, as I blogged in 2012. I have found Three excellent for data, but hopeless for voice calls, even in London.

EE Huawei 4G mifi

Mifi magic: EE’s 4G device

Time will tell if I have found the best network. We rely so much on our smartphones that good voice and data coverage and performance is crucial. But at least a midi device means you have an alternative signal for data should your phone network let you down when you’re surfing the mobile web.

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