Testing the GoPro jaws clamp mount

I love my GoPro Hero 3 video camera. It’s made it far easier and safer to video bike rides. (I shudder to think I once cycled at over 20mph holding a camcorder…) I’ve now got an even better way of attaching it to a bike or ICE trike: the GoPro Jaws Flexible Clamp mount

GoPro Hero 3 jaws clamp

Get a grip: GoPro jaws clamp mount

This clever bit of kit clamps onto anything from a handlebar to a pencil.

GoPro jaws clamp mount

Shorter neck: jaws clamp and GoPro Hero 3

My only reservation is that the ‘neck’ isn’t a very stable platform for video when cycling. The first time I used it the top section plus camera actually fell off. Luckily I was cycling along a very quiet road at the time, so was able to retrieve both safely. I noticed a lot of vibration when it was safely attached, so would normally attach the GoPro directly to the clamp for the best results.

GoPro Hero 3 screenshot

Moment in time: Burnham Beeches screenshot from GoPro


PS: here’s my popular post explaining how to edit GoPro Hero 3 video in iMovie.

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