Solving Daily Telegraph iPad app problems

Daily Telegraph iPad app

Daily Telegraph iPad app

I love reading newspapers on my iPad. I get them delivered to my tablet without having to go to the letterbox, never mind the newsagent. I can catch up on the news wherever I am in the world, as long as I’m online. The Daily Telegraph iPad app is one of my favourites, as it’s one of the most elegant apps.

But it’s not the most reliable. It rarely if ever downloads automatically, unlike the Guardian and Sunday Times. And recently it has stopped downloading at all: it sticks at 8% downloaded.

Time to use the app equivalent of turning a pesky computer on and off again: I deleted the app completely and downloaded it afresh. This is where I ran into difficulties. It asked me to enter my details as a subscriber. I chose ‘digital subscriber’. But it didn’t recognise me. I tried again. And again. Still no joy. It kept asking me to buy a subscription, which I already had.

At this point I called the 0800 number. A helpful man told me I needed to take a different route: click on the cogwheel on the bottom left of the app screen. Click subscriptions, then choose restore purchases. Enter Apple ID password – and you’ll not be asked to buy a new subscription.

Restore purchases

Choose restore purchases

This solved the 8% hitch. It still doesn’t download automatically though…

22 thoughts on “Solving Daily Telegraph iPad app problems

  1. The Puzzle always starts off well then grinds to a crawl – very frustrating. I have been trying to solve the Puzzles for 40 years and when the original digital version came out via I-tunes it was excellent but since The Telegraph have taken over things it has been a disaster. Spoken to helpdesk many times but a waste of time. Not sure I can bring myself to cancel, well not yet!


  2. I have never had problems with the iPad version if the Telegraph until being advised recently to delete and reload the app to avoid a few small problems I was experiencing. The new version no longer provides the puzzles after the Weather which denies me my hour in bed in the morning for completing the word puzzle, the soduku and making a start on the Cryptic. I am distraught!

  3. I have this problem too, daily. It usuaslly freezes, then crashes. I go to the screen to clear it and there is often a random page from a previous day showing. Then I reload. After a couple of attempts it gets going again, then may still drop out seversl times.
    II used to think this was a great App but now I am not so sure. It normally downloads OK so I have no idea of the cause. I reported this to the Telegraph but jave heard nothing so presumably they don’t know how to fix it either!

    ‘Disgusted’ of Nottingham

  4. Opening up continues to be difficult….., not happening at all! This is a persistent problem which is very annoying. Not a good way to start the day.

  5. I am getting really annoyed with the Telegraph app on iPad. It NEVER EVER downloads first time and I am lucky if it downloads at the tenth attempt. It often freezes or blanks out after a few minutes and I have to go through the same rigmarole. Is there nothing that will improve matters?

  6. I have photos from random articles appearing in other articles blocking the text I am trying to read. Very Frustrating.

  7. I am so fed up with trying to read the digital edition of the DT. Scrolling down stories is a complete irritant. Ads do not load and so I close and reopen. Does not work. Much as I love the DT I think it is shameful that the app is so poor

  8. My iPad is playing up with the DT. My android phone is fine, but small, so difficult to read.
    For two days the iPad kept wiping my crosswords, suduko and code words. Now it won’t even load them.

  9. I,too, am having problems with the puzzles on the on line version of D.T . Otherwise the rest is very good. Suddenly the letters refuse come up & then when they finally print they just repeat themselves.
    Am in REST home in my 90’s & rely on the puzzles to keep me sane. Any ideas?

  10. The latest version introduced full screen video advertisements that appear unprompted when reading an article. These seem to be linked to a static advert further down the page.

    Turn on Flight Mode (or disable WiFi) to avoid adverts whilst reading articles in the Telegraph app. Adverts seem to be dynamic content that is read from the internet immediately before it is displayed. This makes the app slow to respond when you have poor network access. It consumes your mobile data bandwidth. And it interferes with your use of the app to read and absorb the news content you have paid for.

    I have written to The Telegraph about this. The appear to be trialling the behaviour and monitoring feedback. I will be using Flight Mode from now on.

  11. My iPad short of storage – so I need to delete past editions of the telegraph (just keep yesterday’s perhaps) – how do I do this? Di from TW

    • Hi Di
      Top right hand corner of the download page, click on ‘Archive’ which will bring you to all the editions you’ve downloaded. Click on ‘Edit ‘ in the top right corner. Then click the red circle on all the editions you want to delete.

  12. DAILY TELEGRAPH. Month after month the problems vary. Can’t even attempt to solve the cryptic crossword. Do you have anybody with it skills adequate to solve your problems?
    My iPad is pretty new. The old software never gave me trouble, now it’s truly dire!

  13. I have difficulty with the Daily Telegraph crossword download on my android i pad. After entering a few answers, the crossword and all articles disappear. When I reload, the answers I’ve entered are still there but even though I delete all previous Telegraph editions and close any apps which are running, the problem persists. Entering my details for the weekend prize crosswords takes half an hour due to persistent screen crashes. All other apps run perfectly .

    • If I was you, first have your log-in details to hand. My feelings is the app is corrupted, so I would uninstall the app. Then close down iPad or tablet leave it for at least 1 minute (5 if you can). Turn the device back on, open a couple of apps and close them. Then turn your device off again leave for at least 1 minute or more. Then power up your device again and leave for 5/10 minutes. Download an app that is of a big size, open it when completely installed., then close it.
      Power off your device and leave for 1/5 minutes. Power up again.
      Download The Telegraph app, log in, download an edition. If it still is corrupted. Then you need to download an app to check the probity of your device, or look at buying a new tablet that’s not expensive. If it’s an expensive iPad check with apple how much to have them look at the problem. If there is nothing wrong with your the above should stop the problem.

      • Thank you Andy. Have taken your advice and now the app is much more responsive.
        Your response is very much appreciated
        Best wishes

  14. I have read the Daily Telegraph on my iPad right up to the north of the artic circle together with the crossword.But they let the nerds tamper with it last year and now it is dreadful.
    Why dabble with something that works well ? I have mentioned it to them only to find things have got worse.Do they forget that we ultimately pay their salaries or wages with our
    Come on we expect better of you.

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