In praise of EE Amersham’s outstanding service

EE to go

EE to go

I’ve just joined the 4G revolution, through a Huawei E539 mifi device with EE, Britain’s first 4G network. It was the cheapest and most flexible way of going 4G. And 10 months with a Huawei E586 mifi device with Three convinced me that mifi is the best way to get internet-on-the-go.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that EE had a shop in Amersham, so we popped in after our regular Saturday coffee-and-smoothie break after Owen’s football class.

I knew what I wanted, so it should have been simple. But thanks to a simple misunderstanding, the shop set me up with a USB mobile broadband dongle. Luckily, I asked the shop to put the SIM in. At that point, we realised the mistake.

We’d been there for almost an hour by now, and the shop fell silent as the staff consulted in the stock room. They emerged to share the bad news: the shop only had 3G, not 4G, mifi units in stock. But they made a very generous offer: if I wanted a 4G one today, Ben, the person who served me, would go to the EE store in Harrow, London, to get one and bring it back in time for me to collect it later. And that’s exactly what happened.

This was outstanding service. I was resigned to not getting my mifi today, and didn’t complain at all. So the offer was prompted purely by concern not to disappoint a customer.

It has been a brilliant introduction to EE. Thank you Ben and colleagues.

3 thoughts on “In praise of EE Amersham’s outstanding service

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  2. I found your staff extremely helpful when I called in the Amersham shop a couple of months ago to say my home line phone was not working. Someone phoned the necessary number for EE and eventually, after half an hour, I made the person at EE understand that I do not have any signal for a mobile and NO, they could not contact me by mobile. Now it happened again… this is the fourth time my phone has been out of action, and it is always an outside fault. I desperately need to have the use of a phone as my husband is 90 and has a health problem, and I need to be able to phone for help when necessary.

    Please ‘Amersham staff’ are you able to give me an email number so that I can register this fault? I have tried loads of email addresses found on Google for EE….but they are all not recognised….and my email is not sent.

    I hope this one reaches you.

    Thanks for listening

    Elizabeth Wright
    Chesham Bois

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