A pain in the back

The human back is a delicate thing. I’m writing this on my way to the chiropractor after injuring mine last week.

I’d like to claim I was engaged in extreme sport at the time. The truth, however, is mundane and ridiculous. I was turning on my Mini’s hazard lights. I must have twisted awkwardly. Ouch!

This is simply the latest example of the farcical things that cause me back pain.

The first time? Running up a spiral staircase after overseeing a TV interview in 1988. This was followed by sneezing (1997) and picking up a spoon (2006).

The spoon incident happened in the beautiful Czech town of Český Krumlov. My poor wife had to drive all the way back to Britain. It struck me that (up till then) the incidents all happened nine years apart. I was fearful about what might happen in autumn 2015. But the latest incident came three years early!

Touch wood, I’ve made a swifter recovery this time. But then I got to the chiropractor within seven hours. Did that make all the difference? It seems like that tonight. But time will tell!

NB: I’m being treated by the Amersham Chiropractic Clinic. Highly recommended.

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