About Rob

I’m Rob Skinner. My family know me as Robert. My wife calls me Ert. (The part of ‘Robert’ that I don’t always use…)

I’ve been working in PR since 1987, mostly in financial services.

In my spare time, I enjoy cycling reading, editing videos on my computer and practising my Welsh (dwi’n dod yn wreiddiol o Gaerdydd). And blogging.

Do please post a comment!

NOTE: this is my personal blog. It does not represent the views of the organisations I work for.

6 thoughts on “About Rob

  1. Dear Rob,
    I have just read your piece about Doug Smith; This morning someone told me that they had heard that he had died so I “googled” his name hoping it wasn’t true. I have known Doug and Diana since 2003. My partner, the top Photographer Robin Humphreys who died (was killed) in June 2011, aged 63, had known and worked with him for years in Parliament. Like you I last saw Doug in July 2012.
    It is the end of an era now with Robin and Doug both gone.

  2. Hi Rob I was thrilled to see the old George’s bookmark on your blog. I got a Saturday job there as a 16 year old in 1970 – but eventually got the sack because I was an uppitty little snob and refused to stick to the task assigned to me (selling David & Charles books on steam engines) preferring to wander into the foreign literature and history sections. Also I was constantly READING the books and this was frowned on. Loads of fond memories though, including going for lunch after work at the Cadena – tomato soup and a roll for 1/6. There was a sign hanging from the ceiling ‘ All salads this way’. Still haven’t learnt to obey orders or sign up as a salad… what the sixties have to answer for!

    • What a lovely comment to read, Vicky – thanks for sharing! I would have been the same had I worked in a book shop. Growing up in Cardiff I loved the old Lear’s bookshop in Royal Arcade and still miss it when I wander down the arcade on my trips back to my hometown.

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