Travesty: Prince Charles letters cover up

As Scotland’s independence referendum campaign begins, we had a reminder of the strength of reactionary power in Britain. The UK attorney general blocked disclosure of letters Prince Charles sent to government ministers.

The reason? Publication ‘could damage prince’s ability to perform duties as king’.

How ridiculous. If the letters are so incendiary, he shouldn’t have sent them in the first place. In any case, Charles is notorious for lobbying government ministers over his personal hobby horses. It seems very unlikely that the Prince of Wales was asking ministers’ advice over his future kingly duties.

Lord Rogers, the architect, commented: “It is either a democracy or it is not. I don’t think anybody, be it a king, prince or poor man, has a right to undermine decisions by private interventions which have a public impact. The only way for Charles to be a public figure is for him to act publicly. It is not democratic to cover up his interventions.”

Amen to that.

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