How I organised my iTunes music library for Sonos

As I blogged last week, I love my new Sonos Play:1 music speaker. It’s such an elegant and simple way to play my music. But it has forced me to tame the iTunes monster.

The reason? The Sonos system won’t play music from iCloud. Any music in your iTunes music library has to be on your device rather than the cloud. (By contrast, Spotify and other streaming services work fine, although Spotify has proved temperamental with Sonos.) This revelation showed how much of my 10 year iTunes collection is in the cloud.

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Sonos Play:1: a sound decision

Sonos Play:1

Getting to know my Sonos Play:1

Ten years ago, my wife gave me an iPod as a Christmas present. I loved it from the start: I had joined the digital music revolution. This Christmas, Karen gave me a Sonos Play:1 speaker. What a great piece of kit.

It wasn’t a chance present. I’d put a lot of time into researching various wifi speaker options. Initially, I was leaning towards Airplay speakers, but I was put off by reports of sound dropping out. (That tallied with my frustrating experience with Apple TV.)

My early experience reflects the positive reviews of the┬áSonos┬áPlay:1 on Techradar and elsewhere. The sound is excellent – it has made me rethink the idea that quality sound needs two, stereo, speakers. I’ve not experienced any lost connections. It was amazingly simple to set up my Sonos system. The only gripe was that Spotify disappeared from Sonos on Boxing Day but once that was sorted I found it really easy to play Spotify through Sonos.

Highly recommended.

PS: I got childish pleasure today from getting music to play on the Sonos speaker in the living room while I was upstairs. It reminded me of my schoolboy trick of startling my grandmother by changing TV channels on our first TV remote control in the 1970s when I was in another room…