Richmond’s high water mark, 1928

High water mark Richmond January 1927

When Richmond flooded, 1928

Anyone working or living in Richmond, Surrey, is used to the river Thames lapping over the riverside roads and paths. The White Cross pub even has a sign showing the high tide entrance. Yet few high tides have ever come close to January 1928.

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Britain’s winter’s tale


Milton’s Cottage, Chalfont St Giles

I was seven before I remember playing in the snow. Christmas 1970 was a winter wonderland – but it was another six years before I experienced the excitement of a world transformed by a white blanket.

By contrast, our four year old son Owen has had a snowy childhood so far. Every winter of his life has seen significant snowfall, especially the winter of 2009/10. He’s had two white Christmases (by my definition of snow on the ground on Christmas Day, rather than the Met Office’s stricter criterion.) I have blogged every winter about these snow days, most recently during February 2012’s snowy snap.

Some may argue this is evidence of climate change. Perhaps. But anyone born in 1976 would have had a similar snowy introduction to winter.

Whatever the reason, Owen and I are making the most of it!


The snowman, 2012 edition