Hotel Valencia, San Jose – lots of flood water, but no butter


This is the extraordinary sight that greeted me when I returned to my room at Hotel Valencia, San Jose, California yesterday evening. The noise was just as shocking.

I was told by the manager, Scott, that a guest in the floor above had fallen asleep in the bath, flooding my room on the sixth floor. I couldn’t understand why the hotel hadn’t contacted me or at least pinned a notice to the door warning me. Scott said that it was the second time it had happened this week. (A colleague was sceptical about the explanation, saying that corridor was regularly flooded.)

I’m in a different room now.

The saga continues. At breakfast, I pointed out that there was no butter. I was told they had run out. Completely. A hotel with no butter? How can that happen? Why hadn’t someone gone across to Safeway to buy some?

I usually enjoy staying at the Valencia, but standards have collapsed since my last visit in March.

PS: I do like the Valencia’s free wifi though. European hotels take note. Wifi needn’t be a rip off.