Why I won’t miss BBC’s Ceefax

The BBC’s Ceefax service teletext service has disappeared from our TVs after our area completed digital switchover. I can’t say I’ll miss it.

I’ve not looked at Ceefax since I went online over 15 years ago. I recognise that it was once a worthwhile innovation, giving information about news, sport and travel developments on screen at a time when we had just a handful of TV channels. But it was a frustrating system to use. The difference categories had a series of scrolling pages, and I always seem to miss the page with Cardiff City’s result – meaning I had to wait for half a dozen pages to appear before ‘my’ result reappeared.

The BBC also split Ceefax pages between BBC1 and BBC2 – I could never remember which appeared where. And in an era before hyperlinks, you had to note the page number of the story you wanted. ITV and Channel 4 had their own teletext services.

It all makes the world wide web seem even more miraculous!