Guardian wrong on Chris Huhne – readers’ editor

The Guardian’s readers editor Chris Elliott today accepted the paper was wrong to allow Chris Huhne to use his weekly column to attack convicted judge Constance Briscoe’s part in his own conviction.

I blogged my disgust at Huhne’s column the day it appeared. I think the Guardian made a misjudgement giving Huhne a weekly column. But this crass piece was the final straw.

Elliott suggests that many readers’ dislike of Huhne’s column flows as much from the fact he’s a Lib Dem as for his conviction. He thinks that opposition to the column is inspired by the unpopularity of the paper’s decision to support Huhne’s party in the 2010 general election.  That seems to unfairly discount the views of Guardian readers. I favoured the Guardian’s rejection of Labour in 2010, and would be as uncomfortable about the paper giving a weekly column to any other politician.

I hope Huhne’s days as a columnist are drawing to an end – but fear the Guardian just doesn’t understand why it should never have given a platform to this self-serving egotist.

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