Maria Miller: shameless not sorry

What a surprise. The culture secretary Maria Miller defrauded the taxpayer by dishonestly claiming expenses on a second home her parents live in. Had she been a benefit fraudster, she’d have been jailed. But she’s a cabinet minister, so she’ll be deciding on press regulation instead.

Five years after the Daily Telegraph exposed the industrial scale on which MPs were defrauding us by false expense claims, politicians are as shameless as ever.

No wonder Nigel Farage is a happy man. No matter how repellent his policies, the outsider is reaping the rewards from public disgust at the outrages of the political establishment. He must have been amazed at his luck when Nick Clegg agreed to debate Europe. Clegg, the former outsider, is now the ultimate insider: the cheerleader for the coalition, after breaking all his election promises. (And having made a good living from the EU gravy train.)

Back to Maria Miller. David Cameron has proved as false as Tony Blair in promising to clean up politics. This shameless politician asked the press to drop the matter today. Miller threatened the parliamentary watchdog in a bid to force the commissioner to drop action against her. And her adviser threatened the Telegraph. These people simply don’t care. They have contempt for the taxpayers who are forced to pay to keep the gravy train on the rails. Politicians’ promises are empty words, given cheaply unlike their expense claims.

PS: the Telegraph tonight published the chilling threatening call from Miller’s adviser. The adviser for the minister deciding press freedom.

2 thoughts on “Maria Miller: shameless not sorry

  1. Shameless indeed. This, Miller/Cameron saga, I think. is analagous to Profumo/Macmillan situation in 1963 and Cameron will – or perhaps will not – rue the day he never sacked Miller immediately. He is now in a position that, at best, he can hope she resigns (Fat chance) and saves his face for even if he were to sack her he would appear and be a man not of principle but a waverer swayed by media and public uproar.

    If the Wimbledon house was not MM’s designated main residence then she would almost certainly be faced with a very large CGT bill – unless of course she flipped & flipped back. No mention so far of anything about that.

    It is said that people get the politicians that they deserve but just what have the people done to deserve the 650 Honourable members- less a few decent ones – that would seek to impose their undemocratic tendencies on the electorate.

    They should all apply for the Chiltern Hundreds but the Chilterns is the very last place that we need to be despoiled by that self-seeking bunch.

    Keeping the press free is almost our only hope.

  2. So true, Trevor. I agree that the people don’t deserve these crooks. No wonder people don’t bother to vote. They’re all ‘in it together’ to coin a phrase.

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