EE 4G: so far, so good

As I blogged on Saturday, I’ve just joined the 4G revolution with a Huawei E539 mifi device from EE. I was very keen to give it a test drive.

So far, so good, although I can’t say I’ve been overwhelmed – so far. I’ve not noticed a transformed experience compared with my Three 3G service. And EE’s website claim that they have 4G coverage in my street and the surrounding area proved plain wrong.

I shouldn’t be too harsh. You can see from the speed test below that EE was dramatically better than Three’s 3G service in London’s Green Park yesterday. (The top two results in the screenshot.) EE 4G scored 8.30 Mbps compared with Three’s 0.80 Mbps. And just look at the upload speed: an impressive 12.82 Mbps. I can’t dispute the figures; it’s just that I’ve not yet noticed a wild difference in my day to day online experience on the go. I’ll let you know if that changes after I’ve given it a more comprehensive test drive.

EE speed test: 8.30Mbps v 0.80Mbps on 3G

EE speed test: 8.30Mbps v 0.80Mbps on 3G

3 thoughts on “EE 4G: so far, so good

  1. Hi, Rob. I’d very much like to use your beautiful 2007 photo of Dorset Square covered in snow on my own blog tomorrow. I hope you don’t mind, I just discovered it last night. I will of course give you photo credit. Cheers! Frank (

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