The Times and Sunday Times Newsstand app – crash!

I wrote last November that Apple’s Newsstand app was seriously flawed. It promises to deliver your daily (digital) newspaper to your iPad overnight ready for your commute. It’s never worked well – now it never works.

Britain’s News International has just launched a combined Times and Sunday Times app within Newsstand. Judging from today’s performance, this is the worst Newsstand experience so far. I saw glimpses of the Sunday Times front page – but never got any further as the app crashed every time.

Must do better…

5 thoughts on “The Times and Sunday Times Newsstand app – crash!

  1. Have you found a solution yet? It’s extremely frustrating and makes the subscription redundant. Just trying the phoneclean app but I’m not hopeful.

  2. Utterly frustrating. Read one article in a subsection and now dumps me out at the splash screen. Downloaded the latest update and it is the same

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