Church of England: time for disestablishment

Today’s disgraceful decision by the Church of England’s general synod not to ‘allow’ women to become bishops underlined the medieval attitude of that organisation towards women. (The use of the word ‘allow’ in the synod vote tells you all you need to know about the church’s  attitude towards women.)

The consequence must be the end of the cosy relationship between church and state. It’s time for England to follow the other home countries and disestablish the Anglican church. Or to apply equality laws to the church. It cannot have it both ways.

It was quite bizarre listening to a female opponent of women bishops telling BBC Radio 5 Live that the decision was a victory for unity. How can discriminating against half the human race be described as unity? As always, this troubled organisation shows a genius for shooting itself in the foot.

3 thoughts on “Church of England: time for disestablishment

  1. As you know, I am a firm believer in women’s rights, equality for all, and have been campaigning for this for many years.

    I have a good friend who is a female CoE priest.

    However, I also have a dear friend (the Rev Canon Brandie) who is a firm opponent of women priests, never mind bishops. He, on all other issues, is also a firm fighter and upholder of equality. However, he bases his opposition on theological grounds. I am no theologian. I have not studied theogy.

    The decision this week may appear to the majority of us to be bizarre, outdated and misogynist. But there ARE two sides to every argument (or dignified debate, as the Synod session was described). Those of us who are not practising CoE Christians maybe should let the Church get on with deciding its theological and practical issues for itself. Those of us who are should continue to pray for guidance.

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