James Burke: Connections revisited

I caught a glimpse of James Burke on Mark Lawson’s BBC 2 show about Seventies TV tonight. It was pure nostalgia.

Burke was a fixture on the BBC during that dramatic decade and the late 1960s. He came to fame as a Tomorrow’s World presenter and commentator on the moon landings.

But for me his greatest hour was as the creator and presenter of Connections, a 10 part BBC series showing how technological developments are interlinked. I found it enthralling. It was a highlight of my Sundays along with the less intellectually stimulating The Big Match. (Although the contemporary success of Nottingham Forest was a surprise.)

I remember my mother’s cousin being as enthralled by the Connections book as I was when he stayed with us for my grandmother’s funeral in 1981. Another era. It’s hard to imagine a major TV channel devoting a 10-episode series to technology and science in 2012.

1 thought on “James Burke: Connections revisited

  1. I was actually thinking about this programme last night which was triggered by the 70’s advert. I didn’t notice it in the advert though.

    I was an avid watcher of it. As you say nothing like it is being shown nowadays. there used to be a number of documentray nased programmes, mainly on BBC2 which covered really ionteresting topics. It’s mostly all gon e or is so politcally biased as to make dreaery. The one about fighting cancer, which I think was on BBC recently, was pretty good but these types of programmes are few and far between.

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